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UNaesthetic dance

Updated: Feb 27

Get ready to embrace the chaos and unleash your inner goofball with the UNaesthetic dance workshop! This unique dance helps you to embrace awkwardness, clumsiness, and all-around goofiness. In a universe ruled by chaos, it's time to learn to embrace the unexpected and embrace the wild and wacky challenges that come our way.

Imagine doing the robot while singing a nursery rhyme or attempting to perform a salsa dance upside down while making the sound of your favorite handy tool. These are just a few simple examples of the movements you'll encounter during the workshop. Our UN-experienced instructor will guide you every step of the way, teaching you the basics of UNaesthetic dance through a combination of group activities and individual experimentation. It will be fun!

Don't worry if you feel like a fish out of water. That's all part of the unaesthetic charm! With a focus on letting go of self-consciousness and embracing the freedom of artistic expression, you'll have the chance to push the boundaries of your creativity and imagination through silly and unconventional movements. Think of it as an opportunity to channel your inner grade-schooler and make a fool of yourself. No shame in that game! Let's make some Shapes in Space.

If daring, you can even try to shape your body into a triangle while standing on one leg. Just don't blame us if you topple over! You'll be contorting your body in ways you never thought possible. Or maybe you'll fall on your face. Either way, it'll be a blast! So join in and get ready to let your clumsy side shine.

This workshop has proven to be a vibe starter on the Kamiwaza festival and is now available for festivals or other events. Contact us if you want the dancefloor to explode in the most fun way possible.

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