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UNaesthetic dance

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Get ready to embrace the chaos and unleash your inner goofball with the UNaesthetic dance workshop! This unique dance helps you to embrace awkwardness, clumsiness, and all-around goofiness. In a universe ruled by chaos, it's time to learn to embrace the unexpected and embrace the wild and wacky challenges that come our way.

Imagine doing the robot while singing a nursery rhyme or attempting to perform a salsa dance upside down while making the sound of your favorite handy tool. These are just a few simple examples of the movements you'll encounter during the workshop. the UN-experienced instructor will guide you every step of the way, teaching you the basics of UNaesthetic dance through a combination of group activities and individual experimentation. It will be fun!

In the two 'Unaesthetic Dance' workshops at the Fusion Festival, we explored social dynamics and how to free yourself from the fear of being outside the norm. We experienced how freeing and fun the result of making that decision can be. Together, we created a little village of fun and fantastic shapes in space.

This workshop has also been part of the Kamiwaza festival and is available for festivals or other events. Contact me if you want the dancefloor to explode in the most fun way possible.


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