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  • Daniel van den Broeke

A night at The Horizontal Rave

Updated: Jan 21

Gravity is a fundamental force of nature that gives mass to physical objects and determines the motion of bodies in the universe. It is the force that keeps us grounded on Earth, prevents us from floating off into space, and controls the fate of all physical objects. We humans defy gravity every day, whether it's by standing up or simply moving around. But what if there was a way to honor and reconnect with this powerful force in a more immersive and imaginative way? Enter the Horizontal Rave: a party where attendees can only enter and dance horizontally.

On a typical night in Rotterdam city, people were out and about, unaware of the unusual event about to take place. The Horizontal Rave was invitation-only and rumors circulated as the hour grew late and a line formed outside a warehouse on the outskirts of town. When the doors finally opened, party-goers crawled in to find a massive dance floor filled with people dancing horizontally.

As the music started thumping, the crowd began to move to the beat in a way that was both enthralling and mesmerizing. Some lay on their backs, waving their arms and legs in the air. Others lay on their stomachs, propping themselves up on their elbows and swaying to the music. Still, others lay on their sides, rolling back and forth like a wave on the ocean. It was a strange and wonderful sight, and the party-goers quickly got into the groove.

As the night went on, the rave took on a more serious tone with people forming circles on the dance floor, with one person lying in the middle and the others forming a human wall around them. It was a surreal sight, and it was clear that the horizontal rave had taken on a life of its own.

As the sun began to rise and the party started to wind down, the crowd slowly made their way out of the warehouse, exhausted but exhilarated by the night's events. And as they left, they couldn't help but wonder: what will the next horizontal rave bring?

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