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Roesology, pronounced as Ruzology, is a new field of study that offers innovative perspectives on the Roes state (state of being high/intoxicated) and provides individuals with tools to help them enter this state for themselves without the use of drugs.


This project was the result of a collaboration between social designers Myrthe Krepel and Dorian Kingma (SMELT) and Daniel van den Broeke. Through interviews and discussions with former drug users, a writer, a journalist, a drug dealer, a psychotherapist, people from addiction care, and a shaman, the team explored the potential benefits and insights gained from drug and alcohol use.

During the residency, the team also collaborated with performers to experiment with various techniques and practices related to Roesologie, including pain, improvisation, absurdism, and movement. Through these experiences and discussions, they concluded that the Roes state can be achieved without external substances and offers a unique way to enhance consciousness and challenge reality.


Roesology challenges the boundaries of reality and provides a natural and safe way to achieve a heightened state of awareness and consciousness. The team has defined three forms of Roes: Bind work, Break work, and Wonder work.


Bind Work is the Roes of connection, love, and empathy. It creates a strong bond with one's body, environment, and others, creating a sense of wholeness and unity. Break Work is the Roes of discharge, freedom, and resistance. It is a reaction to daily reality, offering a temporary escape and a sense of relief. Wonder Work is the Roes of adventure, wonder, and confusion. In this state, reality is unsettled, and new possibilities arise.

The team organised several online and offline Roesology workshops, and created a small Roesology pocket guide helps individuals start doing the exercises.

Explore the Roes and discover the benefits of Roesologie for yourself. Get the guide or get in touch for a workshop, festival stand, or interview. 

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