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Fifteen years ago, driven by my passion for film and facing an empty work schedule and limited financial resources, I took a risk and invested in a small camera to embark on my journey as a filmmaker. I threw myself into the work, embracing every opportunity that came my way as a chance to learn and grow. My dedication and hard work paid off when I was offered a residency at the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, where I had the opportunity to create visuals for a classical concert. I was also fortunate enough to receive a scholarship at the Kort Rotterdams competition, where I created a short film that was screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). These experiences only fueled my love for film and my desire to take on a variety of projects, including reports, promotional videos, and YouTube documentaries. If you're in need of a filmmaker with a passion for storytelling, I would be delighted to assist you.


As a Dutch fair officially kicks off, the sound of brass and percussion fills the air as the local marching band takes center stage. However, the performance is not without its hiccups as a trombonist fumbles with their instrument and a trumpeter gets tangled in their own brass. The excitement reaches a fever pitch as two dancers take to the stage, mesmerising the crowd with a sultry and sensuous routine.


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