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Surfer performed at:

Theaterfestival De Parade

Oerol Terschelling

Perth Fringe World Australia

At.tention Festival Germany

Onderstroom Vlissingen

Weelde rotterdam

Surf Theatre

As Daniel paddled out into the ocean on his first surf trip, he struggled to find his footing on the board and stay afloat in the powerful waves. But despite the challenges he faced, he eventually discovered that surfing was a powerful metaphor for life itself, with its ups and downs, highs and lows. Inspired by this realization, Daniel turned surfing into an immersive performance, blending together elements of science, psychology, and fantasy to create a unique surf theatre show. Dubbed "Surfer," this play covers a wide range of topics and offers a sea of possibilities for those who want to dive in and ride the waves.


Now, Surfer is a short immersive silent disco theatre show that has toured from Terschelling to Australia, captivating audiences with its blend of education and entertainment. It is available for summer festivals, inspirational events, and in theatres, and can be performed multiple times a day. And with its performance in English, it can be easily understood by people with moderate English skills. So if you're ready to let more waves into your life and join this cosmic surf school, grab your board and come on in!

Feel free to contact us for bookings and more info and make sure to check out the blog about Surfology, a contemplation method that was developed from this show.

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